Paper vs. Plastic Packaging: Which is the Better Choice?

There are several factors to consider when determining the best material to make your package out of, including environmental friendliness, cost effectiveness, durability, recyclability and perceived value of the product. This isn’t an easy decision to make, and it’s one that will vary depending on the type of product you’re making and the customers you’re marketing to. But how do you know which choice is better? How can you compare paper vs plastic packaging? This article will offer some insight into these questions.

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainable packaging comes from renewable resources, is recyclable and compostable, and minimizes or eliminates harmful chemicals in its production. Examples of sustainable materials include sugarcane-based film, packaging made with FSC wood fiber, bio-plastics (from plant sources), and corn-derived PLA (polylactic acid) containers. To take it a step further, you can source packaging that also protects goods during shipping—ensuring your goods arrive to your customer’s door intact. Sustainability should be an integral part of any material decision you make throughout your packaging process—not an afterthought to simply check off on a list. Sustainability isn’t just about saving trees, but also about creating additional benefits for society as a whole. 

What’s the role of refillable plastic packaging?

Refillable packaging has gotten a lot of press lately, and it’s something brand owners are looking at closely because it allows them to improve their bottom line while reducing waste at end-of-life. Unfortunately, there are some legal issues that come into play with refillable packaging that brand owners should be aware of—after all, if they aren’t doing things right, they could end up getting hit with big fines. The good news is that once you know what you can do legally, it’s pretty easy to make sure your refillable bottles are in compliance with federal regulations. With a little planning, refillable plastic can be an extremely valuable addition to your sustainability goals while also improving profits! Just follow these five key tips for success…

How Do Consumers Perceive Sustainable Packaging Today?

It depends on where they’re getting their information from. So there’s certainly a lot of misinformation out there about plastics and paper packaging—the two main sustainable options for product packaging—but more than that, consumers are influenced by all of these different sources of information that aren’t necessarily presenting facts accurately or fairly. When deciding between plastic and paper packaging, it’s important to take into account everything you hear about each type in order to make an informed decision.

This isn’t just brand owners being responsible for providing clear messaging about what material is being used to package their products; brands must also put themselves in position to receive accurate information back from consumers. Brands need reliable research data, consumer insights and expert commentary on material choice, which can provide clarity around sustainability benefits of either option today. And brands need ways to get all of that data directly through trusted channels at scale so they don’t have to do all of that work themselves. It isn’t easy with traditional methodologies because people are not engaged via traditional methods online anymore either.

Why I use wooden crates for shipping

When it comes to shipping boxes, there are many different kinds of boxes and crates that can be used. There are many companies that also offer a large variety of these boxes and crates. I personally like to use wooden crates or boxes for a number of reasons. After reading this, I hope to change your mind on boxes or crates for shipping. There is a number of reasons why I believe wooden crates are the best and why I use them when I am shipping items. The fact that these crates are eco-friendly, relatively cheap to ship, and being easy to store, I believe that wooden crates are the best kind of box when it comes to shipping items regardless of where that item is being shipped. 

The ability to easily store these boxes is a big plus for me as I have multiple of these crates for shipping. These crates are easy to store. They can be stacked on top of each other. The way these crates are made, they are able to withstand heavy loads on top of them. Since they are made out of wood, which is a very sturdy material, these crates can support large loads on top of them. The longevity and strength of these crates are rarely matched compared to other boxes or containers for shipping.

Wood is considered one of the cheapest materials when it comes to shipping. When compared to plastic, wood is not as cost-effective. This is countered by the fact that wooden crates are very eco friendly, and as mentioned before, wood is much more durable and sturdy compared to plastic. When plastic is made, it puts off a lot of harmful chemicals into the environment. Not to mention plastic is a great way to ship items you want to be protected. Wooden crates can also be made from recycled wood, thus not needing to cut a tree down. Wood also lasts for a very long time if treated properly, so when a wooden crate is made, it has a long lifespan ahead of it. You can also get wooden crates relativity cheap online with enough searching. 

Another significant aspect of wooden crates is that they are very sturdy and secure. I personally have not had it happen to me, and I hope to never, but some shipping workers may be corrupt and help themself to your package. If a cardboard box is used, there is a good chance it can be cut open have the items removed, re-taped, and sent on their way. Wooden crates require tools to be opened like a crowbar or a drill, the odds of someone wanting to take the time to open it up and look inside it low but never zero, although there is less chance compared to cardboard boxes. Wooden crates are very sturdy, as mentioned. They are made from wood, much like the houses we live in, so they are very sturdy. There won’t be a broken or damaged crate unless someone is being careless with said crate. 

I would always recommend for people to use wooden crates when they are choosing what kind of shipping boxes they need for their company or even if they are shipping a critical item. I hope that this short read has changed your mind about wooden crates. I believe they are the best kind of box or crate for shipping; it keeps the contents safe and secure. The crates have a lot of good features as well, like being eco-friendly and easy to store because they can be stacked on top of one another. 

What is a Multipurpose Packaging?

When there is an increase in the demand for packaging, this not only relates to the primary packing materials or designs. It has a huge influence on secondary packaging as well. Also, it increases the demand for converters that ultimately improve the opportunities for the laborers. Thus, this is growing in a parallel way. When the demand is increasing for the packaging, other chances of jobs for the converters are also increasing. Now, you have seen in many big companies that they have an increased amount of Retail Ready Packaging (RRP). This is a concept of secondary packaging. They use paperboards in their construction. The purpose of this packing design is multiple.

They serve the goal of displaying the products on the shelves of the stores and also they packed the products inside them and deliver safely. Thus, they are also appropriate for shipping. So, you can say that is giving you multipurpose. With time the concept of Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) is growing in the market. According to the report of the Freedonia Group, the Retail Ready Packaging is increasing at the rate of 5.2% annually. And it will reach $6.2 billion by the end of 2020. Thus RRP is becoming a vital consideration for the packaging industry. Also, converters are taking this notion as an opportunity to expand their businesses and the overall growth of the company. Moreover, the Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) is a fast increasing portion of the packing market. This is because of the benefits of the RRP, the trend of the multipurpose packaging is growing.

Why there is a Hike in Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) Demand?

This is one of the attractive chance for marketers to enhance their businesses. The concept is also giving an organized display. This is one of the best sources to save the cost for retailers.

Many packaging companies are suffering because of the expensive concepts in the manufacturing of the packing stuff. However, the RRP has lower down the stress level from the companies and marketers. However, the concept of Retail Ready Packaging has saved the labor cost. Also, it decreases the stock handling cost. Thus, this concept is beneficial for retailers and manufacturers in all manners. The idea of RRP is providing efficient management. Labors need no time to refill the shelves of the stores. Thus, it has made the operational tasks easier for the handlers. Now, a small staff can show efficiency in the retails shops and work effectively. They can load the products on the shelves quickly and in a way better-organized manner. Also, this keeps you within your budget. You will not need to jump out of your budget constraints to meet the loading and operational requirements.

One of the best and common examples of a company that is dealing in RRP is Walmart. The company is displaying everything on their shelves from food to beverages, cosmetics, stationery, school accessories, skincare products, and all other items in an efficient manner. Thus, their shelves are not empty at any time. They are using the Retail Ready Packaging concept to deal with the efficient refilling of the shelves.

When it comes to the qualities of the Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) concept it has efficiency in the operational work, as well as it wins the game in alluring the customers. They praise your efficient and quick work and creative work packaging. Another best part of the RRP is that it can help the smaller products and pouches. They become prominent because of the Retail Ready Packaging concept. Before this idea, in the superstores, you will barely see the small packets and pouches. Now, they can stand out in the huge packages as well.

Some Beautiful Retail Packaging Designs for 2021

For a business, flawless product and enchanting packaging are ways to grow and become a brand. Well, custom packaging has made such things and goals very easy. This is a creative tactic to allure your customers and become a top name in the market. When you have specific packaging or design, people know you by your color and logo. Thus, graphics and text have their own special place in a successful business. The colors and designs depending on your choice and the company’s logo. You can use neutral, mild, neon, or bold colors. Many packaging companies are using cartoon characters, vibrant patterns, and wild graphics. Now, the trends have changed. You do not only need some monograms or text for the publicity. You can use entire stories to tell your consumers and the public. This technique raises awareness, which also increases sales.

Here are some trendy designs for packaging 2021

E-commerce Packaging

Well, in 2020 and a few recent years, e-commerce packaging has taken over the entire market. The trend of online shopping has seen an immense hike due to COVID-19. At this time of the pandemic, many people almost everyone shifted towards e-commerce. Once this was just a trend. Now, this has become a necessity. When companies want to sell online, then they will have to think about too many things. Security of the product is essential. You do not want to deliver your item in a destructive shape. Every customer and company want a perfect and transparent business. Thus, the packaging should be sturdy and exquisite. They have prints on their packing. They also have different colors and companies’ logos on them. You can adopt the same strategy for your product as well.

Consistency in Packaging

We all know the importance of consistency in every field of life. But, here we will talk about the packaging patterns. It is equally important for the packing of products as well. Also, the design of the items should be cohesive and consistent. When you have a unique and different element in your packaging and product, then it is recognizable. When you have a constant ingredient in your packaging and product, it exhibits brand loyalty.

Multi-Purpose Packaging

There were times when you can use the packaging material for only one purpose. Now, the trend and time have changed. You can use the packaging product for many other reasons. Apart from packing an item and delivering it on time, you can now use this packaging for advertising and spreading awareness.

Now the companies have different teams that generate new ideas for the resourceful use of packaging. Packaging has too many beautiful designs and graphics on them. Many people use them for decorative purposes. Moreover, if you want to spread some words regarding your company, you can use the packaging’s printing. Moreover, these are reusable components. You can use them for many other purposes.

Colorful and Floral Packaging

There was a time when there were only two colors for the e-commerce packaging; white and black. And overall, there was a common brown color. But, this is a new time. You are not bound to a few patterns and colors. You have choices and options. Even now you can design your own color also. Moreover, this is not the era of bore sheets and covers. The uniqueness and innovation have changed so many trends in packaging. There have multiple designs and vibrant colors for the packaging. These things make them attractive and snazzy. Some companies still use a single color and simple pattern for their packaging. However, some use floral patterns and bold colors for the packaging. You can use these vibrant designs in 2021 for your products.

All about how to Recycle Better 

Recycling is the initial step everyone should take to minimize the impact of your actions on this environment.  Recycling is something that you can use to get into habits and routines for this.  We’ll also talk about the best ways to recycle, along with questions and facts on how to do it, and also different symbols along with meanings to help you easily and effectively get the help you need. 

Paper along with Cardboard 

Most cardboard and paper products are recyclable, with the exception being cardboard along with paper that has a plastic or waxed coat on this, and anything that isn’t able to break down correctly. So coffee cups that are made of paper can not be recycled. 

You can recycle newspapers though, you do this through sticking them, bundling them up with string or twine, and then, bring it to the recycling center. You can also separate each side of this.  When you recycle cardboard, you have to break this into smaller and flatter pieces, and then, you do the same thing you do with newspapers and bring this to different locations to recycle it. 

A question lots of people have is whether or not you should recycle paper. The simple answer is yes, because almost a quarter of this is saved simply through recycling.  Right now, those that manufacturer paper use about 37% of the recycled paper fibers in order to crate brand-new products that people can use. 

Corrugated boxes are also something that you can use to ship other items, and once someone does recycle, it’s actually really important, because for every three feet high newspaper bundles you recycle, you’re saving a tree. 


Plastic is something that you should try to recycle as much as you can since it can take up to 1000 years to break down. That means that there is a ton of plastic in our oceans, and it’s something that takes up some of the biggest space amounts in the landfills. If you’re looking to help save the planet a little bit, consider recycling plastics. However, you have to separate them based on different kinds. 

Some of them include: 

  • PET which is polyethylene terephthalate 
  • Vinyl 
  • HDPR which is high-density polyethylene 
  • LDPE which is low-density polyethylene 
  • Polystyrene 
  • Polypropylene 
  • Other plastics 

Each of the different plastics mentioned definitely need to be recycled in a separate manner. Other recycling is important to consider too, especially for those who plant to recycle their plastics. 

Plastic is something to work on with recycling since a tenth of our waste comes from there, and over 2.5 million water bottles get discarded in the trash every single hour. Play sets and decking is actually made via recycled plastics, and finally, you can actually recycle your laundry detergent bottles along with other jugs of plastic too! 

Plastic bags that are also cling-wrap kinds of products are usually considered a certain kind of plastic. Usually, stores offer boxes that have different designs specifically to help facilitate the recycling of this. Plastic bags should be recycled so they stop polluting the oceans and landfills, which can cause a lot of problems for wildlife that get stuck in this. A lot of states actually have bans on plastic bags too, so if you use them, either you pay a fine, use a paper bag, or just bring your own. Plastic is something that should be recycled so that it limits the amount that’s sent to the landfills. Recycling is great, and here you learned a little bit about it. 

What will be the Role of Social Media in Packaging Designs in 2021?

Packaging and its design are the two characteristics that have a great influence on the customers’ minds. Many people buy a product when they see it cover attractive and fascinating. Also, many of the packing designs tell different stories about some famous characters or a new side of the company; thus, they want to purchase such products. Also, the packing colors, patterns, and sketches attract the kids more. Therefore, they do not bother about the minor flaws of the item inside. They just buy it because of the packaging. This elaborates that a packing design, color, pattern, and the entire concept has a huge influence on a customers’ life and mind. There is one another necessary attribute that you keep in mind is the power of social media. This also has changed the way of sales, marketing, and attracting people. Now, people see everything on social media platforms and they get attracted to them. Also, e-commerce has altered the way of traditional selling and buying. Now, you can buy and sell an item through the websites or your social media pages. Thus, online shopping has given a new culture to traditional packaging. In 2020, we have seen so many innovations in online marketing and sales. Also, they have introduced so many new and hones brands to the public. The credit for the rise of e-commerce businesses also goes to the COVID-19. This pandemic has changed the way of shopping, packaging, and the entire lifestyle. Thus, we have witnessed many new things in the packing designs in 2020. However, the upcoming years will also give you some unique attributes in the packaging designs. Social media has a powerful voice to change a thing, launch the new one, and influence your mind. Thus, here are a few concepts and points through which you can understand how social media has the power to introduce new packaging concepts in 2021.

In 2020 and 2021, you will connect with the buyers and sellers through social media platforms. You will say goodbye to the old and traditional way of marketing and shopping. Thus, you will not see a person to buy a product. You will deal with everything through online platforms. Also, branding your product will not need a traditional ad for TV or newspaper. You can maximize your marketing through online ambassadors and social media influencers. Now, you will not only need TV celebrities to advertise your name, you need a powerful website and social media pages. Thus, social media will influence the designs of packaging n 2021.

In 2021, a company does not have all the authority to launch and increase the product. Now, it is time for social media. It has great power to change the mind of a customer. Thus, the influential power is directly in the customers’ hands. Now, they can make a small thing viral and make positive or negative impacts on the products. Thus, you cannot control the public and their thoughts. In the time of social media, if a person sees the product or its packaging as flawed, then they use the social media platforms and spread the negativity about it. Also, when they find a product worthy, customers do not think for a second and make it viral. Thus, companies need to be careful regarding their products.

Also, customers speak about the positives and negatives of the packaging and product. If you need an honest review of your brand, then ask for the consumers’ feedback. They will also tell you about the way of packing they are expecting. Also, you can improve your product as well. Now, people are looking for simplicity in the packaging. They are not loving the bold and neon patterns. Also, people are now more conscious of eco-friendly materials.

Developing a New Product and Market it

For an entrepreneur, the process of developing a product could be full of mysteries and problems. You do not find this procedure a piece of cake. Any business needs hard work, planning, and dedication. Well, another essential element we usually overlook is research. When you develop a new product and want to advertise it, you need to complete market research. Before you initiate your purpose, you need to grab all the related knowledge and information about it. Many people do not know about the situation and target market and they land up their products. This can cause several business problems and complications. Well, this is a new era, at this time, you do not only need to know about the product and market, but you must know about the technology. For a successful business in the current and upcoming year, you need to learn about innovative products and technology.

Well, you can adopt the following steps for the development of a new product:

  1. Idea Creation

Idea creation is a phrase where many companies and aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck. The reason is they want to generate a new notion and a perfect product. Well, perfection is not for humans or self-made items. Everyone wants a super fabulous product or idea. They only think that in this way they will rule the market. Earning more profit or growing your business does not mean that you need a product that is beyond the imaginations. Think from some different and easy aspects. First, try to introduce a substitute for an item that is already penetrating the market. You can bring a new product. But, first, do a market survey on your thought and know the importance of such a product. You can introduce a new product in COVID-19 according to the current needs of the product.

2. Research for your Idea

Once you think of the idea of the product, then you need to research it. You cannot just think, develop, and launch your products. This theory can be horrific for your profit and growth. Thus, when you think of your new product, then you need research on that. Now, the first step is to validate your concept of the product. This process will ensure that your items will get sold. People will show interest and pay for your idea. Thus, it will save you from wasting time and money.

Now, product validation will need the following steps. The first one would be to talk to your friends and family. You can have an online survey regarding the requirements and desires of the products. Moreover, you can commence a campaign asking for ideas. Well, feedback is one of the vital parts of a successful business. You need your website and different online forums to get the reviews of the people. Then, you can launch a coming soon page or post on all your social media platforms. Also, you can offer discounts for the launch day and on pre-orders.

3. Planning for Prototype

The next step would be planning. Before building your prototype, you need to plan for it. When you approach the factories or manufacturers, you should have all the designs and a clear concept of the product. Also, you must know about the functioning of the items.

If you still do not have a concrete idea, then you are a step back. Do not go for the manufacturing of the products. You should have a sketch of your product’s final look. Moreover, always share all the minor and intricate details of the products. You can use a hand-drawn sketch of the product. A professionalor 3D drawing is not necessary.